Elevenses Tea For Two


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2 Spieler
30 Minuten
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Verlag: Grail Games   |   Autoren: David Harding   |   Illustratoren: TJ Lubrano

Elevenses reimplemented for two players.
Currently only available in the Elevenses: Trolley Box

21 Morning Tea cards
6 Action Cards
22 Prepare Tokens
1 Starting Server Card
1 rulebook

You are a respectable 1920s socialite striving to serve teh finest morning tea!

All around Britain, eleven in the morning is recognised as the perfect time to stop and have a bite to eat. In Elevenses: Tea for Two, you direct your servants by playing cards to prepare your spread - sandwiches, biscuits, cakes - and don't forget the tea! When eleven o'clock strikes, the hsotess with the best prepared tea wins!

Will your morning tea be the talk of the town?

Game Overview:
In each game of Tea for Two, two players will compete to serve the best morning tea. They will set their servants to work in the hopes that they will lay the best spread in the village has yet seen.

This is done by playing cards to the table, each one representing another scrumptious asset of any highly regarded tea party.

The players start the game with two morning tea cards in thier hand. The remaining cards will either be in a face-down deck, known as the Kitchen, or, a face-up row, known as the pantry.

Each morning tea card has a special action which is carried out when it is played.

The cards must be played to a particular postition in the player's spread (row), of cards. Players will usually attempt to play cards that belong in order next to each other. If they do not, more preparation time will have to be used, in order to push one's servants to work even harder.

The game ends when a player plays the Elevenses card. This signifies that it is now 11 o'clock, the hour when guest will begin arriving. The players will then compare the value of thier morning tea cards in front of them. The player with the greatest spread wins the game - and the respect of the whole town - having hosted the finest morning tea of all!



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