Harry Potter - Unmask the Death Eaters

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The Wizarding World is divided—are you loyal to the Order of the Phoenix, or are you aligned with the Death Eaters? In Harry Potter®: Unmask the Death Eaters, deception is around every corner as the magical community is at the mercy of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and his followers. But going to battle will take vigilance, especially with curses being cast in secret by those among you. Taking on the roles of the magical community, work together to find out where loyalties lie and defeat Lord Voldemort™ to win!

Key Features:Join the Battle for Hogwarts: Immerse yourself in the world of Harry Potter as a member of the Order of the Phoenix during the second Wizarding War. Fight alongside your favorite characters and experience the epic struggle against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and his dark forces.
Uncover the Traitors: The fate of the wizarding world rests in your hands. Are your allies truly loyal to the cause, or could some of them be Death Eaters in disguise? Sharpen your detective skills as you work to unmask the spies within your ranks.
Face the Darkness: Prepare to encounter a wide range of dark creatures in your quest, including giants, dementors, and inferi. Test your magical abilities and courage as you battle these formidable foes, just like the brave members of the Order.
Challenge Your Friends: Gather your fellow witches and wizards and embark on an adventure filled with intrigue and suspense. Play with friends and family to determine who can be trusted and who is concealing their true allegiance.
Ultimate Wizarding Showdown: In a thrilling showdown, submit the names of suspected Death Eaters to the Wizengamot for questioning. Can you identify the spies and secure victory for the Order of the Phoenix, or will you play the role of a cunning Death Eater, doing whatever it takes to avoid Azkaban? The choice is yours in this spellbinding game of strategy and deception.
Contents:1 Game Board
8 Role Cards
100 Wizarding World cards
16 Loyalty cards
32 Encounter Cards
4 Turn Order cards
1 Expelliarmus! Card
1 Revelio! Card
5 Beginning Tokens
6 Second Wizarding War Tokens
1 Dark Mark Token
8 Wand Tokens
6 Dice


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