Bob Marley Unity (EN)


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Verlag: High Roller Games   |   Autoren: Derek Hodgins , Dave Phelps   |   Illustratoren: Andy Fairhurst

It’s the 1970s. Hit the road with your band to spread peace, love and unity through the power of music. In this feel-good game, players compete to see who can spread the most global unity.

The game’s currency is love and it is gained by performing at concerts. During a turn, the active player moves to spaces on the board to set up concerts, collect fans and place them on their concerts. The more fans at your concert, the more love you gain when you perform there. Players draft musicians with different abilities depending on which instrument they play. Musician's abilities must be used sparingly, as they fatigue after they perform. Players can use ganja to revive their band members.

Bob Marley is represented in the game and he gives options when you interact with him. Players may also strategically place Marley at one of their own concerts to prompt other players to attend. Two types of cards are gained that either give bonuses that may shift strategy, or give goals to achieve extra unity points at the end of the game.

The end goal is to perform at the One Love concert where you cash in your love for unity. The game ends when all the unity tokens are collected. Then all players tally unity tokens and additional unity point bonuses to see who is the victor. But really, everybody wins in a world with a little more unity!



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