Life of the Amazonia


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1 bis 4 Spieler
90 bis 150 Minuten
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Verlag: Bad Comet   |   Autoren: Jamie Bloom   |   Illustratoren: Sophia Kang

Product information "Life of the Amazonia"
Build your very own thriving jungle by discovering various wild animals, insects, and plants in this beautiful board game.

Life of the Amazonia is a strategic meeple placing game that combines bag building and pattern building. Players will restore land, place various animals, and plant trees and flowers to enrich their jungles and create the most ecologically rich jungle. Various lives must be placed in the jungle taking into account each unique characteristic of the plants and animals in order to create synergies within one another. To carry out these actions, bag building that fits in with the player’s strategy is crucial. With 60,000+ various ways to set up the animal cards and diverse strategic options, every game of Life of Amazonia will differ from the next.

e prepared to run your very own conservation organization to make the jungles of the Amazon flourish. Create your very own high-scoring strategy from a variety of action options such as placing animals and plants, restoring an area, purchasing cards, and more!

Players will use 4 types of resources with different abilities to perform various actions in order to restore the Jungle. Buy higher-value tokens according to your strategy and strengthen your bag in the desired direction to perform those actions more efficiently!

Animals and plants in the Amazon each have their own unique characteristics. Some will provide Environmental Points based on how many trees are in their habitat, how many different animals surround them, or how large their habitat is. Know the characteristics of each Animal and place them in the most optimal location.

In addition to scoring through animals, there are various ways to earn points throughout the game. Scenery cards that can be purchased and track points for planting flora. Strategically use these various scoring methods and bonuses to score higher than your opponents!
The 60,000 different ways to set up the Basic Animals and a variety of Unique Animals provides a different kind of fun for each game. At the end of the game, each player’s Jungle will vary in shape and size, all taking on a different form.


· Printed Animal Meeples x 74

· Player Markers x 16

· Resource Bags x 4

· Base Animal Cards (4 Sets) x 16

· Unique Animal Cards x 8

· Nature Cards x 90

· Waterfall of Life (3D Component) x 1

· Token Vaults (3D Component) x 2

· Discard Pile Boats (3D Component) x 4

· Starting Terrain Tiles  x 4

· Terrain Tiles x 36

· Special Terrain Tiles x 21

· 3D Trees x 42

· Aquatic Flowers x 42

· Seeds x 16

· Complete Tokens x 5

· Resource Tokens x 180

· Automa Tokens x 8

· Automa Card x 1

· Player Aids x 4

· Scorepad x 1

· Game End Bonus Token x 1


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