Mistborn: The Deckbuilding Game (EN)

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Verlag: Brotherwise Games   |   Autoren: John D. Clair

Based on the hit Mistborn novel series by acclaimed author Brandon Sanderson, Mistborn: The Deckbuilding Game takes players into the exciting and dangerous world of Scadrial where heroes and villains harness the powers of metals to perform feats of magic and might! Designed by famed designer John D Clair, Mistborn players get to control iconic characters from the series and "burn" metals to unlock Allomantic powers in fast-paced battles. Mistborn is a standalone deck-building game in which you “purchase” cards as you play to build and improve your deck. You'll then use your metals to activate cards; each metal has its own strengths: damaging opponents, earning mission points, and manipulating allies. There are multiple ways to win! Defeat your opponents in furious allomantic battles or complete a series of perilous missions before your enemies do. Play head-to-head against your friends, or take on The Lord Ruler in solo or co-op play!
Brandon Sanderson is currently the best selling fantasy author in the world and we expect this release to be Brotherwise's biggest of the year (perhaps biggest ever). To help us adjust ordering and reordering, we're asking that you collect and submit initial orders by August 23rd. A sell sheet is attached for you to use in store solicitation.


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