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Verlag: Ares Games   |   Autoren: Martin Wallace   |   Illustratoren: Emiliano Mammucari , Andreas Rocha

A new game by the acclaimed game designer Martin Wallace is coming: Aeterna, a game set in Ancient Rome where players take the role of a Roman “Gens” (family) and will try to increase their prestige through three Eras: the Roman Kingdom, the Roman Republic, and the Roman Empire. Developed by Ergo Ludo Editions, Aeterna will have its English edition published and distributed worldwide by Ares Games, under license from MS Edizioni.

Aeterna: a new historical-themed masterpiece by Martin Wallace.
Aeterna is designed by Martin Wallace, renowned for games like Brass: Birmingham – currently ranked as the number #1 game on Boardgamegeek – and Age of Steam, and presents a great historical setting with deep gameplay.

In Aeterna, the players’ goal will be to increase their influence over the city by ruling over the 7 Hills, contributing to the construction of monuments and buildings, and supporting the conquest of the provinces - always being careful to keep the citizens happy, as unrest in the Hills under their direct control could put them in a bad light. Players will try to make their own gens remembered through the centuries using an exciting mix of worker placement, majority control, card drafting, and strategic planning.

Each game of Aeterna takes place over three rounds and may last 1 to 2 hours (about 30 minutes for player). The game is suited for two to four players.


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