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Verlag: Nimex Games   |   Autoren: Nathan A. Wright   |   Illustratoren: Vicente Sivera Catalá

n just a few years, the world will be plunged into turmoil. Countries around the world will panic, widespread chaos will ensue, and civilized society will change virtually overnight as citizens cope with the loss of a modern-day vital resource. A resource needed for commerce. A resource needed for communication. A resource needed for life-sustaining technology. A resource needed for even simple comfort. The resource… is energy.

But that time is not here yet! Thankfully, you and a handful of other enterprising individuals have seen the writing on the wall, and you know it is up to you to save the world from the upcoming energy crisis! Of course, the recent United Nations Contract request for a global energy provider worth BILLIONS of dollars doesn’t hurt, either…

Compete with other players to win the contract and ensure that your company will become the #1 global energy power for decades to come! Obtain government industry permits by using energy credits allotted by the United Nations Council for aligning yourself to their objectives. Industries you own constantly increase the energy credits you are allotted, but they also increase the terawatt-hours (energy) generated by your company! And it is ultimately out-performing your opponents in this area and hitting the optimal level of terawatt-hours that will win you the U.N. contract, and win you the game!

Each player must make optimum use of their resources and the available hexagonal areas on the board to not only achieve a victory with generating enough terawatt-hours (TWh), but must also generate more TWh than their fellow players. In every round of play, each player will take a single turn. During this turn, you will draw a card, be “paid” in energy credits, allowed to roll the territory die, and either permit industries or take an investment beforehand. If you ever wish to end your turn early, you may draw another grid card. This will end your turn without taking further action. Your choices in actions determine your odds of victory here!

When drawing a grid card, keep it secret, as it can be your secret weapon against your fellow players! Place them face-down in front of you to play later, or play them immediately.

Because you get paid every turn, try to maximize your energy credit return early on in the game so that you can permit multiple, higher TWh industries quicker by amassing enough energy credits. Of course, as you’ll see when you play the game, this plan can be easier said than done!

For an added twist, each player has a unique and special ability with which they can use during the course of the game. This ability is granted by the Captain of Industry card each player selected at the beginning of the game. Use your ability to your advantage and out-maneuver your opponents! Only one player can win the United Nations Contract!

And if you optionally play with the countdown die, you’ll not only be racing other players, but racing time as well… This also makes solo play possible!

When a player reaches the TWh threshold, the current round of play is finished, and the player generating the most TWh wins Game of Energy!


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