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Verlag: Timashov Publishing   |   Autoren: Yury Yamshchikov , Oleg Meleshin   |   Illustratoren: Tati Bordiu

Countries around the Pacific Basin are creating marine sanctuaries to preserve unique creatures and their habitat. All of these sanctuaries are being ranked on an overall leaderboard, and it’s time to find out whose sanctuary deserves the title of the Pacific Ocean’s Best Marine Sanctuary!


Pacific Ocean is a quick set collection 18-card game where you aim to attract aquatic animals to your sanctuary. During the game, you’ll select new inhabitants not just for yourself but also for your opponent. As every animal you attract will uniquely affect your end game points, you’ll need to think strategically to prove that your sanctuary deserves the top rank. 

How To Play
"I cut you choose"
Select 2 Aquatic Animal cards from your hand and place 1 card face up and the other card face down. The other player chooses 1 of those cards to add to their sanctuary. The remaining card is added to your own sanctuary. 

Add icons or scoring condition
You can add a card to your sanctuary in one of two ways: to add icons or a scoring condition. To add icons, place a card underneath and expose just the top of the card, showing the icons. To add a scoring condition, expose just the bottom of the card, showing the condition. 

Score points
After 6 turns both players score all the points by satisfying scoring conditions in their sanctuaries. The player who has scored the most points wins.




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