Mare Nostrum - History of the Ancient Seas (DE) (Grundspiel 4-5 Personen) (Early Bird) (HOTAS)


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Ab 14 Jahre
1 bis 5 Spieler
120 bis 720 Minuten
Achtung! Nicht für Kinder unter 3 Jahren geeignet, da Kleinteile verschluckt werden können. Erstickungsgefahr!
Verlag: Sound of Drums GmbH   |   Autoren: Karl Hausser   |   Illustratoren: Marc von Martial

In MARE NOSTRUM, the third and final installment in the “History of the Ancient Seas” game series, you will lead one of the great Empires: The Roman Empire, the Mighty Seafarers of Carthage, the Greek City States, Egypt or Persia.


You will move your 3D wooden figurines (representing fleets and legions) across a beautiful illustrated map from the Hellenistic main land and islands to the shores of Persia in the east and the northern part of the mighty empire of the Pharaos to expand your trade network and increase your trading status. The Romans and the sons of Carthage will try to conquer first Iberia. 


The playing surface is huge: 44 by 34 inches (120x 84 cm). The map reaches from the Iberic half island in the west to the Anatolian mountains in the east and Gallia in the north to the Nile Delta in the south.


MARE NOSTRUM is a five player game (there is an optional rule for 4 players). New in this chapter of the game series is, that each power has unique properties that players must use wisely to achieve advantage over their opponents.  Players rather don't want to refuse an armistice offered by the Romans. The Persian units strike first when in battle and the Greek have a very efficient fleet. Fighting the War Elephants of Carthage may cause panic in the ranks of the enemy and the Egyptians might refuse any combat they like.


MARE NOSTRUM Game Contents: 


Two 60 x 84 cm Mounted Maps 
457 wooden Playing Pieces 
3 punched Boards featuring Talent Coins and Army / Fleet Markers
Stands for the Army and Fleet Markers
5 Player Sheets for tracking your troops and income
2 Play Aids featuring the Development Chart & Ressources Tracking
1 Rules Manual 


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