Dark Rituals: Der Hexensabbat (Erweiterung) (DE)


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Verlag: Maki Games   |   Autoren: Filippo Chirico   |   Illustratoren: Filippo Chirico , Alexei Popovici

his expansion includes four Champion Heroes, a new Demon Witch, Madra, the Demon Lord Voskor, Minions, Pillars (Summoning points) and cards. Comes complete with 4 new double sided map tiles as well as 4 new Encounters and a fifth Epic Encounter, fought across 4 Acts.

Madra stared at Kakhard’s slack face, checking she was fully immobilized. Casting spells on other Witches was always tricky, it was best to be sure. Stepping back, she began the incantation to flay Kakhard alive. As her tough hide was peeled back, the monstrous energies sealed and twisted the bleeding flesh, making sure that Kakhard would live. Keeping her around as a pet would be a fitting reminder of the awesome power Madra controlled.

It was done! Now she had five Witches’ skins in her possession. Plenty enough to impress Voskor and make him deify her. If not, with this power coursing through her body, she would do the same to him as she did to the five Witches and simply steal her Demonhood.

Perhaps the time to ascend had come. Yes, better to summon Voskor here and now, and let him see Kakhard doting on her, as she adjusted to the agony of her skinless form. Madra arranged herself on her palanquin and tried to look both relaxed and commanding. Best to get it over with. More muttered words of power and she summoned the Demon to her lair, straining her powers to the limit to drag such a powerful entity through the aether.

“Voskor! See what I have stolen for you!” she shouted, as she tossed the skins on the floor at the Demon’s feet. “You can feast on their hides. I have their power. But first give me what I want! Raise me to Demonhood!”

Voskor stared at her, no expression possible on his bone face. He gestured with one hand as he scratched at the skins with the other. Consumed by her lust for power and the energy flowing through the room, Madra failed to see her imminent danger and gave herself to the rapture of Voskor’s transformation. Instead, Voskor was teaching her a lesson for her presumption. Her body devolved to a feeble worm-like form.

As she finally realized the trick that had been played on her, she reached for her power to attack. But looking at Voskor, all she could see was the Conjunction transporting her away.


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